What is MexiFire®?

Our product Mexifire is created Fire Opal. Similar to a Natural Opal, which takes millions of years to form, Mexifire undergoes manufacturing process for many months to become a high quality created gemstone. Manufactured in-house, Mexifire has the distinction of being the first player in created Fire Opal category worldwide. Mexifire is a patented product manufactured with the help of patented processes. Mexifire is non=opalescent and imbibes the true personality of a high quality Fire Opal.

MexiFire® mean?

The distinct feature of Mexifire is its Orangish-Red shade. The best Fire Opals come from Mexico and are synonymous with the North American country. The name 'Mexifire' brings out the two most important aspects of a top quality Fire Opal- its place of origin and the stone's shade.